Some very unusual Sheaffer Imperials

By Teri Morris • Pens of Interest, What's New • 25 Mar 2013

We came across these ballpoints recently in a collection we purchased. They don’t match any of the 1970s Sheaffer Imperial models we know. They are all gold plated, but the patterns are unfamiliar.

The barrel patterns remind us a little of the various gold plated patterns on Parker 75s. These may have been a response to those popular metal pens. Here’s a close-up of the barrels.

The clips are very interesting in that they are not plain, they feature two different lined patterns, and one has a high relief “hob nail” pattern that matches the pattern on the barrel.

We will probably never know the background on these, but they come out of the mid-west and our source has provided us with other prototypes in the past.







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