“Seconds” means ….. what?

By Teri Morris • Buying Guides, NOS News • 4 Mar 2013

imp4_seconds_1I’ll confess we use the notion of “seconds” to suit our own situation. In a normal retail setting, a “second” is an item that suffered some problem during the manufacturing process and picked up a blemish as a result.

In the world of new old stock pens, we stretch the definition to cover the imperfections our pens sometimes pick up during their 40 odd years in storage. We clean them up as best we can, and have a high level of confidence that they will write perfectly. Then we offer them to the world as a solution for knock-about pens and — like the Corvair on the lawn — a collection of replacement parts for the trusty old favorite. Over the past few years we’ve sold hundreds of Sheaffer Imperial II Deluxe “seconds” (their sin being tiny flakes in the clip plating) and Imperial II “seconds” (minor scracthes in the plastic) to satisfied writers worldwide.

Sometimes salvaging new old stock from the ravages of time is not pretty work. But at least we’ve stopped its progression.

Here are some of the latest additions to our new old stock offerings:


Like all our pens, our “seconds” are guaranteed to write well.

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    • Feed away! See the links on the lower right of the main blog page …. there’s the link to subscribe to the ENTRIES or to the COMMENTS.

      Glad you found it worthwhile!

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