• infocard1978
    31 Jul 2013 • Teri Morris • Buying Guides, Pens of Interest

    A New Resource for Sheaffer Collectors

    We just rolled out our latest project …. a photo listing of Sheaffer models. These are pens we’ve handled over the past year or two. It takes five web pages to fit them all in. We’re calling it the Sheaffer Identifier. Sheaffer List Part 1 – Early HR, Flat Tops, Balance, WASP, and Triumph/Crest Sheaffer List Part 2 – Touchdown, Snorkel, Fineline, Imperial, PFM, Lifetime Cartridge Pen Sheaffer List Part 3 – Lady Sheaffer, Quasi-Imperial, Targa, and Sheaffer School Pens Sheaffer List Part 4 – Legacy, Balance 2, Nostalgia, TRZ, Fashion, Connaisseur Sheaffer List Part 5 – [&hellip

  • super21_nib_fix
    2 Jul 2013 • Teri Morris • How To, Uncategorized

    How to Increase the Ink Flow on a Parker Super 21

    Though we’ve recently come to the end of our supply of new old stock Parker Super 21 fountain pens, we want to reach out and assist anyone suffering from the dreaded dryness that afflicts some of these pens. Basically, the nib tines are just too darn tightly clenched and ink can’t make it to the page. They need to be gently eased apart a tiny fraction of a fraction. We suspect this may have been a problem for Parker from the get-go on some of the production runs of the Super 21. Okay, here’s what we do: [&hellip

  • Four Eversharp Symphony Models
    23 Apr 2013 • Teri Morris • NOS News, Pens of Interest

    Symphony — Eversharp’s Last Good Pen?

    Poorly documented, largely overlooked The Eversharp Symphony was launched in 1948 and couldn’t have had a more auspicious beginning. While the company’s previous major model, the Fifth Avenue, had some shortcomings that prevented it from catching on with the public, the company hoped to reproduce some of the success enjoyed by the iconic Skyline model which had achieved sales superiority in the mid 1940s. The Skyline had been designed by famous industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, and for the Symphony the company went to another famous consumer-goods designer, Raymond Loewy. The first generation Symphony pens (aka model 500) can be [&hellip

  • imperial_proto_ballpoints_2_250
    25 Mar 2013 • Teri Morris • Pens of Interest, What's New

    Some very unusual Sheaffer Imperials

    We came across these ballpoints recently in a collection we purchased. They don’t match any of the 1970s Sheaffer Imperial models we know. They are all gold plated, but the patterns are unfamiliar. The barrel patterns remind us a little of the various gold plated patterns on Parker 75s. These may have been a response to those popular metal pens. Here’s a close-up of the barrels. The clips are very interesting in that they are not plain, they feature two different lined patterns, and one has a high relief “hob nail” pattern that matches the pattern on the [&hellip

  • symphony_917_green_1
    6 Mar 2013 • Teri Morris • NOS News, What's New

    Eversharp Symphony Fountain Pens are Back in Stock

    New Old Stock, Various Models, Flexible and Manifold Nibs About a year and a half ago we created a bit of a stir with our new old stock Eversharp Symphony pens. People responded very well to the notion of “vintage flex” on a new old stock pen. While our “seconds” with cosmetic imperfections were around for a few months, the ones in perfect condition sold out rather quickly. Well, we’ve made arrangements for a rather large purchase of these pens, and as we get them cleaned up and restored with a new sac we are adding them [&hellip

  • 904_seconds_fp
    4 Mar 2013 • Teri Morris • Buying Guides, NOS News

    “Seconds” means ….. what?

    I’ll confess we use the notion of “seconds” to suit our own situation. In a normal retail setting, a “second” is an item that suffered some problem during the manufacturing process and picked up a blemish as a result. In the world of new old stock pens, we stretch the definition to cover the imperfections our pens sometimes pick up during their 40 odd years in storage. We clean them up as best we can, and have a high level of confidence that they will write perfectly. Then we offer them to the world as a solution [&hellip

  • flexnib_1
    3 Mar 2013 • Teri Morris • Buying Guides, Opinion & Blather

    Observations on Flexible Nibs

    Gentlemen such as Mauricio Aguilar (www.vintagepen.net), Richard Binder (www.richardspens.net) and John Mottishaw (www.nibs.com) have forgotten more than I’ll ever know about flex. That being said, we handle a lot of flex nibbed pens and have an enthusiastic group of customers who haunt our FLEXIBLE NIBS category. And so I’d like to make the following observations: No good objective reference or guide can be readily employed to standardize the discussion. It’s possible to measure pressure against a surface, but the equipment to do so is far from easy to obtain or operate. You will know a “wet noodle” [&hellip

  • bamboo_bluerip_modduo_ci_blow_4
    2 Mar 2013 • Teri Morris • How To, What's New

    Blow-Fillers are Back

    Well, at least here at Peyton Street Pens they are! Reviving the venerable blow filling system We’re finding the Ranga indian ebonite pens to be a welcoming playground for experimentation. First we tried them out with exotic hyper-flexy dip pen nibs and we can’t keep them in stock, they are so popular. Next up is reviving the blow-filling system made popular in the early part of the 20th century by clever companies such as Mooney’s. In case you aren’t familiar with blow-filler pen, it’s a fairly simple concept that relies on a tight barrel seal, and that is something that Ranga [&hellip