International Shipping Update

By Teri Morris • Buying Guides, What's New • 7 Feb 2014

We ship over half of our orders to addresses outside the United States, using the US Postal Service. We have shipped literally thousands of packages worldwide, and we try to offer a range of methods that will suit most customers.

FIRST CLASS The majority of our orders ship via first class mail insured for a cost of around $9.50, so we are really pleased to see the postal system add E-Delivery Confirmation as a free service for many countries. This feature is available in the following countries:
Great Britain
New Zealand

However, please don’t confuse “E-Delivery Confirmation” with point to point tracking. Most shipments will show tracking info on the USPS web site until they leave they the US, and then drop off the radar on the US system, only to appear with an entry for a sort facility and the subsequent successful delivery. While the estimate is 8-10 business days for first class, we’ve found the reality to be more like 2-3 weeks.

REGISTRERED This is an option that can be added to a first class package weighing less than 4 pounds, for an additional $13 charge. Registered shipments are thought to be the safest method possible, as the packages are under lock and key at all stages of the journey. All this special handling does seem to add a few days to the journey from California. In addition to the customs form number, there is also a registered number, which we send via email a day or two after shipping.

PRIORITY MAIL While this is thought to be a faster method than first class, we don’t notice much of a difference. You still won’t get real tracking.

EXPRESS MAIL Yes, it costs an arm and a leg, but this is fully trackable and really fast. The cost is between $45 and $50 for a small shipment. We find that shipments hit customs in the receiving company within around 3 days of shipping, and the customer usually only has to wait a day or two longer before they are inking up and writing.

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