How to Increase the Ink Flow on a Parker Super 21

By Teri Morris • How To, Uncategorized • 2 Jul 2013

Though we’ve recently come to the end of our supply of new old stock Parker Super 21 fountain pens, we want to reach out and assist anyone suffering from the dreaded dryness that afflicts some of these pens.

Basically, the nib tines are just too darn tightly clenched and ink can’t make it to the page. They need to be gently eased apart a tiny fraction of a fraction. We suspect this may have been a problem for Parker from the get-go on some of the production runs of the Super 21.

Okay, here’s what we do:

  1. Flip the pen over so that you are looking at the underside of the nib. (See photo below)
  2. Rest the nib (laying it horizontally) on a flat but yielding surface such as a pad of paper.
  3. Take a very fine exacto knife or razor blade (not the thick kind used to scrape paint) and, using its tip, slide it between the nib tines a ways back from the tip of the nib. Avoid the very tip and you are less likely to push the tines out of alignment. Doing this while the top of the nib rests against the soft paper also helps in that goal.
  4. Press down lightly with the blade once it is between the tines and you’ll see the gap between the tines widen a bit and then come back together when you remove the blade. They don’t have to widen very far, or stay apart when the blade is removed.
Flip the nib over and slide the tip of the blade between the tines.

Flip the nib over and slide the tip of the blade between the tines.


Words of caution:

There’s no need to force the tines apart very far. Also, try to resist the temptation to wiggle the blade around once it is between the tines, because that almost guarantees the tines will get out of alignment. And be careful not to damage the tip of the hood with the blade. Super 21 plastic is stronger than regular Parker 21 plastic, but you can still nick the edge of the hood fairly easily.

And don’t forget — if you bought the pen from us, we’ll adjust it free of charge and pay the shipping to get it back to you. These are very nice pens, once you cure the tendency some have to be as dry as the Sahara.




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