A New Resource for Sheaffer Collectors

By Teri Morris • Buying Guides, Pens of Interest • 31 Jul 2013

We just rolled out our latest project …. a photo listing of Sheaffer models. These are pens we’ve handled over the past year or two. It takes five web pages to fit them all in. We’re calling it the Sheaffer Identifier.

Sheaffer List Part 1 – Early HR, Flat Tops, Balance, WASP, and Triumph/Crest
Sheaffer List Part 2 – Touchdown, Snorkel, Fineline, Imperial, PFM, Lifetime Cartridge Pen
Sheaffer List Part 3 – Lady Sheaffer, Quasi-Imperial, Targa, and Sheaffer School Pens
Sheaffer List Part 4 – Legacy, Balance 2, Nostalgia, TRZ, Fashion, Connaisseur
Sheaffer List Part 5 – Valor, Prelude, Award, Agio, VFM, 300, and Misc. Prototrypes

While we’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible, obviously there are better and more definitive sources of model information, such as Jim M’s Penhero site, the various model profiles on Richard B’s site, and of course the wonderful www.sheaffertarga.com (luckily Gary does not charge me by the visit.)

We will add photos as we process new pens. We are including representative models, we aren’t trying to capture all the colors or trim variations. We only want to use our own photos, so please don’t send photos. We appreciate the thought, but we honestly don’t have the bandwidth to handle submissions. Do let us know if you see a glaring error, though.

And since our regular photo set does not include posted pens, and we wanted to use horizontal shots exclusively, you will notice the lack of nib photos (though we will try to add nib info to the caption).

We hope the Sheaffer admirers out there will find it useful.

5 Responses

  1. Kathleen Dewey

    How do we fine out tip type? Fine, medium, broad

    • For individual pens, we usually put the nib size in the title. It’s also in the “nib” section of the description. For new pens which we have in multiple nib sizes, you can make your selection from the pull down menu.

  2. M. kafeel qasmi

    I have gold electroplated sheaffer pen. I wanna know that what is its price and model number too.

  3. Cammie Alphord

    As I was going through my great grands house I found his old sheaffer desk fountain pen the min says sheaffer’s 33 I think it’s a white dot. My question is how to Refill it or if I’m missing any parts. Apart from the base when I take it apart I have the cover, the the bottom piece that holds the nib and then a metal tube that pops on and off that has a whole on either side (So 2 total) do I just need a cartridge or am I missing something?

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