2015 San Francisco Pen Show – August 28-30

By Teri Morris • Buying Guides, What's New • 2 Aug 2015

We only do one pen show a year, and this year we are doing it with gusto!

We’ll be taking three tables, with a big focus on vintage flex and our Indian-made ebonite and acrylic models. We plan on having enough space so that our visitors can take their time testing the pens and comparing. We have a lot of pens that are a one-time combination of vintage nib and ebonite cap+barrel, and they need to be seen and handled in person to be accurately evaluated.

You can count on lots of special pen show pricing on the ebonite pens as well as our remaining stock of Dukes. The prices for the Pentalic journals will be rock bottom, and we’re bringing some nice Bee Paper Calligraphy Practice pads … low prices on these, because we don’t have to ship them!

Here’s the link to the pen show’s Facebook page.

The San Francisco show is really one of a kind with a super friendly vibe, and more activities and classes have been added this year. It’s about half the size of the LA show, and the attendance is more evenly spread out across the three days so you don’t get the crush of people that you see at the LA show on Sunday.

Here are some photos from last year’s show posted on fpgeeks.

We hope to see you there!

Teri and the Crew

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