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    2 Aug 2015 • Teri Morris • Buying Guides, What's New

    2015 San Francisco Pen Show – August 28-30

    We only do one pen show a year, and this year we are doing it with gusto! We’ll be taking three tables, with a big focus on vintage flex and our Indian-made ebonite and acrylic models. We plan on having enough space so that our visitors can take their time testing the pens and comparing. We have a lot of pens that are a one-time combination of vintage nib and ebonite cap+barrel, and they need to be seen and handled in person to be accurately evaluated. You can count on lots of special pen show pricing on

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    1 Jul 2015 • Teri Morris • What's New

    July Special: Buy a Ranga and Get a Free Pentalic Journal

    We’ve been wanting to offer notebooks for quite some time now, but we couldn’t find a brand with good quality, fountain pen friendly paper that was reasonably priced. On a recent trip to Oregon, we discovered a brand named PENTALIC that meets our requirements. We hope they meet yours! Here are a few writing samples, showing how the paper performs with both vintage flex and modern wide-and-wet stubs. In our opinion, just the right balance between no-bleeding and a level of absorbency that works well with all the nibs we’ve tried. Their Traveler Pocket Journals are available in

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    17 May 2015 • Teri Morris • What's New

    Closed May 23 to June 2 for Vacation

    Teri’s actually going on vacation for 8 days, so we will need to close down the shipping operation during that period of time. The web site will be up for viewing, browsing and buying, but your shipment will be delayed if you make a purchase while we are away. Orders received before noon on Friday May 22 will get shipped before we close. Orders received after that will get shipped on Tuesday June 2. We will have some access to emails and will respond to inquiries as time allows. It will be difficult if not impossible to check

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    4 May 2015 • Teri Morris • What's New

    Pen Posse at Peyton Street Pens – May 9, 2015

    As many of our customers know, we don’t have a retail store. However, we are not totally unsociable, and a few times a year we throw open the doors to our workshop and welcome customers for an afternoon of pen-focused fun. When: Saturday May 9, 2015 starting around 1pm and going until around 6pm or so. Where: Peyton Street Pens, 239 Peyton Street, Santa Cruz CA (this is a residential neighborhood near the University, on the west side of town.) Directions can be found here. Official Facebook invitation can be found here. We’ll have food and lots

  • Pilot 78G Fountain Pens on Sale
    18 Oct 2014 • Teri Morris • Pens of Interest, What's New

    Pilot 78G: Add character to your every day writing

    Looking for inexpensive line variation in order to add more expression to your writing? Many customers come to us on the hunt for flex, when really all they are looking for is a way to add character to their every day writing. The popularity of the custom “cursive italic” grind at pen shows and in work shops (our own included) is a testament to the addictive nature of the subtle italic. By luck or design, Pilot’s venerable 78G fountain pen sports enjoyable italic nibs on their B and BB pens, and those are the only nib sizes

  • 31 May 2014 • Teri Morris • Opinion & Blather, What's New

    Pen Posse at PSP – Sunday, June 8, 2014

    Join us Sunday June 8th at Peyton Street Pens 239 Peyton Street, Santa Cruz (831) 425-3794 Visitors welcome starting 1pm, and people usually hang out till 6pm or 7pm. Food and refreshments in the mid-to-late afternoon. Even though we’re not a conventional pen shop, as most of you know, we’ll have pens to look at and try out. We only throw the doors open a few times a year! It’s very informal, usually just a few dozen people hanging out, playing around with pens and ink. The SF Pen Posse has a wealth of knowledge and fistfuls

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    7 Feb 2014 • Teri Morris • Buying Guides, What's New

    International Shipping Update

    We ship over half of our orders to addresses outside the United States, using the US Postal Service. We have shipped literally thousands of packages worldwide, and we try to offer a range of methods that will suit most customers. FIRST CLASS The majority of our orders ship via first class mail insured for a cost of around $9.50, so we are really pleased to see the postal system add E-Delivery Confirmation as a free service for many countries. This feature is available in the following countries: Australia Belgium Brazil Croatia Denmark France Germany Great Britain Ireland

  • Supremacy #8 Warranted Nib
    14 Nov 2013 • Teri Morris • Pens of Interest, What's New

    Nib of the Month: Wet Noodle Warranted #8 on an Oversized Supremacy

    In stark contrast to our last “Nib of the Month” (admittedly posted two months ago, how time flies) which revolved around a salvaged new old stock nib, this time around we are featuring a rather spectacular super flexible Warranted #8 on an equally lovely oversized pen. For those of you on the hunt for highly flexible pens that aren’t priced like Waterman “Pinks,” we have always recommended the so-called third tier American makers. In fact, we have a category for these underappreciated 1920s-30s manufacturers on our web site. Roughly half will feature the generic “Warranted” nibs, and

  • Eversharp Symphony Flexible 1/2 Stub
    4 Sep 2013 • Teri Morris • NOS News, Pens of Interest, What's New

    Nib of the Month: Eversharp Symphony “Flexible 1/2 Stub”

    First of all, I’m writing about this nib because it literally caused my jaw to drop when I came across it while sorting thru our latest batch of new old stock 1960s Eversharp Symphonys. Secondly, try to ignore the surroundings in the photo below. New old stock pens are not always pretty, and some are too far gone to be one of our “seconds” offerings. Sometimes you can only salvage the nib, but in this case ooh-la-la, it was quite a nib.   The name says it all, but before you get excited and say “where can I get

  • infocard1978
    31 Jul 2013 • Teri Morris • Buying Guides, Pens of Interest

    A New Resource for Sheaffer Collectors

    We just rolled out our latest project …. a photo listing of Sheaffer models. These are pens we’ve handled over the past year or two. It takes five web pages to fit them all in. We’re calling it the Sheaffer Identifier. Sheaffer List Part 1 – Early HR, Flat Tops, Balance, WASP, and Triumph/Crest Sheaffer List Part 2 – Touchdown, Snorkel, Fineline, Imperial, PFM, Lifetime Cartridge Pen Sheaffer List Part 3 – Lady Sheaffer, Quasi-Imperial, Targa, and Sheaffer School Pens Sheaffer List Part 4 – Legacy, Balance 2, Nostalgia, TRZ, Fashion, Connaisseur Sheaffer List Part 5 –